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Bali - Ubud Hotel : Puri Wulandari - Spa

Tucked into the corner of a small, secluded haven just above the Ayung River, Bali, the Lila Ulangun Spa served veiled Indonesia practices of a natural ancient beauty and health rituals. Covered in a traditional batik wrap, you will slumber in the traditional, natural open-air treatment room, lulling you into total relaxation in the midst of unique traditional Balinese aromatic oils of flowers and spices.

Massage is an exceptional resource for the mind and body. The Lila Ulangan Spa extensive selection of massage therapies will be customized and designed to individual needs, all of which will improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tone and joint range of motion, improve bodily function, and create a relaxing and soothing sense of well being.

This traditional massage has been inherited through generations. Old techniques vary from dry massage for warming the body to a deep therapeutic tissue massage with the use of thumb and palm pressure, which will leave you feeling invigorated and create a sense of well being through out your body.

A full body massage using a traditional Swedish technique. Individual muscles will be stimulate and kneaded to reduces tension, improves relaxation and increase circulation.

The massage is using soft pressure that balance and calm the energy lines to clean the body and mind in union. Five different types of oils in aroma and beneficial elements of your choice will be use for this treatment.

A natural way balancing and alleviating the body of internal toxins;reflex zones on the feet are stimulated to clear energy lines in helping to stimulate and to clean internal bodily organs.

The treatment is specifically concentrated on the shoulders, neck, and back. Using a combination of all massage technique to relieve aches and stress, the treatment is designed for those who are experiencing tense in critical points in the body.

Body Treatments
of natural and traditional treatments of wet or dry heat are offered to soothe sore muscle and stimulate circulation to relax and leave a sense of calmness.

Javanese Lulur
Originally comes from the Royal Palace of Central Java, this traditional treatment is originally designed as a beauty treatment for brides before wedded. The treatment will begin with Balinese massage continue by the lulur scrub using colored turmeric and herbs followed by a yogurt rub. A scented tropical flower bath and a traditional jamu elixir drink, act as a blood cleanser, will complete this exotic experience.

Balinese Boreh
Originally used by Indonesian rice farmer, boreh is a pure, traditional Balinese treatment. The combination of warm spices of herbs and cloves is blends as
paste and applied to the entire body, reliving tired muscles and joints, Meanwhile therapist will be massaging the feet to stimulate bodily internal organs. A bath is then taken followed by a relaxing flower bath and the enjoyment of a ginger tea to enhance the warmth of this treatment.

Herbal Clay Body Masque
The treatment will begin with an Aromatherapy massage followed by covering the entire body with fine clay and wrapped in blankets to generate heat whilst enjoying a scalp massage. and moisturizes. To complement this treatment, a tropical flower bath and a refreshing avocado juice will be offer.

Balinese Honey Masque
A relaxing oll is massaged in to the skin, and then followed by a sea salt scrub to awaken and open the pores of the skin. Sweet honey mixed with sesame seed is generously applied to the skin before being wrapped lon a blanket to absorb the hurnectant properties of the honey.

Skin Care
Aesthetic refinement services include treatments to pampered and enhanced beauty, texture and appareance of the skin.

Natural Indonesia Facial
This type of facial deeply cleanses the skin using an exfoliation from seshells. Natural ingredients of aloe Vera, carrot, tomato, seaweed, and herbs are selected for each specific skin type, to promote a glowing complexion.

Indonesia Honey Facial
The principle ingredients of honey, lime, and cucumber are used for this treatment. Enjoy an-age -old practice as skin heals, softens, and they reducing discomfort of skin irritations and inhibiting infections while promoting new skin growth. The blended ingredient is applied with a gentle massage that penetrates the basal cell layer, to cleanse and oxygenate the skin.

Skin Scrub
A blend of natural ingredients of salts, loofah
or coconut for skin scrubs has been used for centuries to help revitalize healthy and beautiful skin.

Sea Salt
This short treatment consisting the mixture of water blended salts with massage oil is to stimulate relaxation, cleans skin pores, as well as to remove dead skin.

A gentle natural cleansing treatment coconut, scrub will remove dead skin cells revealing a softer, suppler texture. This treatment usually, taken prior to massage to maximize the benefit and recommended for those who have dry skin.

A gentle cleansing treatment, where your skin is scrubbed clean with loofah, soap and warm water. Your body and skin will feel soft and invigorated.

Beauty Treatment
Beauty treatments related to those services that pertain to nail and hair care as well as to one's overall image.

Natural Nail Care
The nail treatment of manicure and pedicure is designed to groom hands and feet. Treatments include shaping the nail, condition the cutocles, and leaving them with a healthy glow or color polished.

Hair Care
Styling and conditioning treatments are available for either the new image or finishing touch for beauty and self-improvement.

Cream Bath
A rejuvenating treatment that uses moisturizing and stimulating cream to revilaze and protect hair. During this treatment both salp and shoulder are massaged to help create both circulation and relaxation.


A deep bathtub made of beautiful natural white stone, equipped benches for seated bathing and under water jets to therapeutically massage your back and leg. Water temperature is heated to approximately 35-40 degree centrigade.

Cold Plunge
Water is chilled to invigorate the skin and awaken the body.

The dry heat treatment is relaxing and comforting for those who is experiencing tensions. To sit in this wooden heated room, contains a little humadity, is best for those who cannot tolarate moist heat.

A circuit of 5-15 minutes in the sauna followed by shower, cold plunge, shower, Jacuzzi for abaout 5-15 minutes, shower and closed by second time cold plunge is recommended.

Mind and Soul
Embranced between the lush green paddies and the comforting curl sound of the Ayung River, Puri Wulandari is ideal to experience daily meditation class that will magically cleanse and absolve mind and soul.

A series of simple technique will help focusing on the body and mind to introduce the overwhelming sense of balance and clarity.

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Puri Wulandari
Desa Kedewatan, Ubud - Gianyar, Bali - Indonesia

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